About Petro-Equip

Petro-Equip is an international company that provides construction, maintenance and fabrication services to companies in the oil & gas industry.

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Company Overview

Petro-Equip, a multinational Oil & Gas company founded since nineteen years ago to provide construction services to the Oil and Gas industries and develop new projects.  Through our vision of building excellence, we have evolved into a full services contracting group providing construction, maintenance and fabrication services to our client.

Our combined services are backed by an owner/contractor approach and by a group of experienced professionals who share a wealth of industry expertise.  Our team’s highest priority is project development and customer satisfaction, which generates repeat business and enables us to cultivate long standing relationships.

Petro-Equip has been recognize by  Notable Oil & Gas companies all over the world as a Competent Engineering Company  rendering quality services, it was based on this that major national oil companies including NNPC single handily wrote Exxon Mobil and Shell to incorporate Petro-Equip to their joint Venture Contracts.

Petro-Equip Engineering Co. Ltd as an international company has its activities spread all over Europe, Asia and America. Today we have petro-Equip Germany, Petro-Equip Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Turkey.

Our mission of building excellence has guided us through an extremely competitive industrial market place and has secured our position as a respected company.  We will continue to use innovative resources to provide excellent services to our clients.

Petro-Equip is a diversified engineering and construction company.

Petro-Equip have the experience and capabilities to execute projects of several thousand man-hours to single responsibility engineering procurement and construction projects.

Petro-Equip employees have worldwide experience from their joint venture partners.  Petro-Equip have executed thousands of projects for a variety of clients since its inception.  As we have continued to grow in size and capability so has the scope and complexity of our projects.  Our complete range of services allows us to provide our clients with most cost effective Construction, Maintenance, Fabrication and Plant services solutions available in the market place.  We have worked for our clients for many years especially world wide.

Our objective is to give our clients value for their money, to convince all our clients that qualitative and innovative work can be handled excellently by PETRO –EQUIP Engineers. We are determined to create an enabling environment for the growth of our organization and as well, our clients through efficiency and timely execution of projects

Mission Statement

  • We the people of Petro-Equip Engineering Co. Ltd will provide cost-effective, quality and safety-conscious construction and maintenance services to our projects by: Capitalizing on our ability to develop, enhance and apply technologies for the production and marketing of competitive products and services.
  • Being the preferred producer and distribution of petroleum products to the global level and the reliable supply of quality products and services in a manner superior to any other competitor and above all to remove the strenuous hardship which the incessant importation of petroleum products has caused every average Africans.
  • Striving for friendly beneficial relationship with our contractors and suppliers;
  • Stimulating viable upstream and downstream oil and gas sector and other related industries in oil rich Nations and other parts of the world.
  • Seeking new business opportunities including the production of synthetic fuels, fertilizer production, Gas to Liquid conversion, building of Deep sea port, power plant and supply of manpower.
  • Creating an enabling environment in which team of committed and depicted people characterized by their diversity of interest, needs, skills and ethnic background can grow and exhibit their full potentials, by encouraging developing and empowering everyone at Petro-Equip to meet required company’s objective;
    • Develop a Deep Sea Port and its major marine/oil &gas facilities including refineries and petrochemical plant.
    • Maintaining a staff of accomplished professionals who recognize the need for excellent work;
    • Providing services that maximize profitability and performance.
    • Applying current and new technologies necessary to maintain a competitive edge in our market.
    • Adhering to stringent environment and safety standards.
    • Promoting employee involvement, teamwork and accountability.
    • Encouraging continual education and skill-building among our employees.
    • Fostering positive community involvement.
    • Remaining clients-focused in directing our business.



Our Corporate Vision

To be recognized and respected worldwide as the foremost Oil and Gas Engineering Company harnessing our reservoir of talent in applying genuine innovative and competitive technologies for industrial development, to excel in energy market and set pace in the energy world.

All these we do, for the benefit of mankind. We believe in quality, proficiency, expertise and excellence in all our activities. We are committed to take the lead and to better the life of all developing nations and the world at large through the abundant mineral resource which the Lord has endowed us with.



Mr.Hans-Jurgen is a German seasoned Accountant highly reputable and with vast knowledge in all aspect of accounting and financial principles Mr. Hans is an accomplished Auditor, a consultant. He is highly versatile in the business financial world. He has worked and gained various experiences in various leading organization both in Germany and other parts of the world. He is the brain behind the great global achievement of Petro-Equip Group. Mr Fanselau is  a great achiever and that has taken Petro-Equip to  Global height


An accomplished Mechanical / Production Engineer with several years of experience in the field of practicing Engineering. He is versatile and innovative Engineer. He has worked on several projects for both Government and private organization especially in Marine, Oil & Gas Industry. A former University lecturer and a Chartered Engineer. He has been involved in various projects especially in the marine transportation, tank farm/pipeline designs and various construction activities in all subsidiaries. He has also been trained in so many engineering principles internationally. He is a member of so many engineering bodies including the Nigeria Society of Engineers {NSE}, Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria {COREN}, American Society of Mechanical Engineers etc. Engr.Dr.Oscar Onuke is a holder of B.Eng degree in Mechanical/production, M.Eng degree in Mechanical /production and Ph.D Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Post doctorate Research Fellow including other technical certificate e.g. NCE {technical}, Craft Training Certificate {CTC}, City &Guilds of London institute. All these degrees were obtained from Anambra state university of technology, Enugu State University of Science & Technology, University of Lagos, Must University  USA . Dr. Oscar Onuke now an associate professor is well groomed and has made a name for himself in the field of engineering .He is the Concept holder of the Deep Water Port.


An accomplished Civil/Construction Engineer with several years of experience in the field of practicing Engineering. He is a global and seasoned Engineer. He has worked on several projects  all over the world, He is a pioneer Engineers that built the port of Hamburg. Engr Wader is a German machine. He has been involved in various construction and oil and gas projects starting from planning and design stage. He is the engine room of Petro-Equip.


Mrs. Miyagi Megumi is a Japanese seasoned Administrator with a very good background in assets and financial management. She is the Group Executive Director of Petro-Equip Engineering Co Ltd and CEO of Blessing Trading and Consulting Company of Japan. Her wide knowledge and expertise in Project financing and establishment has added to the reputation of the Company.


Barrister Umawadee, a citizen of Thailand, is our International Legal Adviser. She is a Senior Lawyer and has been in the legal practice for Many years under Umalaw Chambers in Bangkok Thailand.
She has brought her Wealth of Experience into Petro-Equip Group.

Mr Hans-Jurgen Fanselau & Dr Oscar Onuke in the Petro-Equip Office in Germany

German Partners Visit to Nigeria

Group Project Meeting With Petro-Equip Management in Nigeria

Group Project Meeting With Petro-Equip Management in Germany