About Petro-Equip

Petro-Equip is an international company that provides construction, maintenance and fabrication services to companies in the oil & gas industry.

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Sophisticated expertise in the design of facilities for the energy, oil & gas industry


Annual purchase of millions of dollars / naira worth of materials and equipment

Project Management

Assisting clients in the efficient and effective management of major projects

Our Competences

Our combined services are backed by an owner/contractor approach and by a group of experienced professionals who share a wealth of industry expertise.

Project Financing

Today Petro-Equip in conjunction with RTS Vermögensverwaltungs- und Treuhandgesellschaft mbH has become one of the foremost investment group in Marine and Oil & Gas Industry worldwide. Rendering services as subsidiaries in various projects such as the mining in Myanmar and Burma, logistics port in Germany, logistics port and oil & gas facilities in Burutu Delta State and a deep seaport project in Cross River and Lagos state.



Petro-Equip has continued to expand its technical activities through joint-venture partnership with highly-rated world leading companies.

These experiences have enabled us to develop nucleus of engineering expertise in the design of facilities for the oil & gas, and energy related industries.


Petro-Equip’s procurement department annually buys or authorize the purchase of millions of dollars / naira worth of materials and equipment.

Procurement can be done on international bases and includes purchasing, sub-contracting, expediting, inspecting and traffic services.



Petro-Equip has been increasingly involved in the construction industry and has taken part in various projects which includes civil, electrical, mechanical, etc.

Our strength not only includes experience and demonstrated ability, but also the loyalty skill and versatility of our seasoned engineering personnel.

Project Management

Our professional team members provide qualified manpower in the most effective and cost-effective means possible.

Petro-Equip has deep experience in working with different kinds of organizations for successful completion of their projects.

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